Don't Pass Me By

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Don't Pass Me By

Post by Chaco on Tue 4 Mar - 11:59

I think those in RKYC already know what this is going to be about. Still, I think this is the best place for this testimony.

Last cell meeting was free cell, so we in Rasah Kemayan Youth Cell had lots of fun playing games and stuff. And then, Anne wanted to teach us about worship. So we were all pep-talked and then we went into a time of worship.

Seriously you guys, I don't know about the rest of the people in my cell, but to me it felt like Aspirers Retreat all over again. I have never seen my cell-mates worship like that before. And the presence of God was so tangible. I shared a testimony that it was like a light that was too bright. I was literally cringing away from the light.

And then, we prayed for one another. Tears and emotions were flowing freely. I just want to thank God for His wonderful visitation that night. Just reminds me how we always expect one thing from God, but then He comes and just blows us all off the board.

And to my cell-mates, thank you for joining me in that very memorable worship. Seriously wei, you guys are the best! Anne and I were completely 'butafied'

I hope we see more of that kind of worship in our cell, and in the other Youth Cells too. God Bless
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Re: Don't Pass Me By

Post by tananne on Sat 29 Mar - 12:07

Amen to that =)
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