Paralysed for Life

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Paralysed for Life

Post by Chaco on Tue 22 Jan - 16:01

Heya Guys, I did send out an e-mail about this, but I will post here as well.
This past Sunday, the 20th of January, a student from Legenda College met with an accident.
His name is Mbwiga Siwakwe and he's from Zambia, only nineteen years old. He crashed headfirst into a shallow swimming pool and broke three bones in his neck. He is also suffering from some kind of trauma of his spine.
The doctors have done an operation, but that'll only save his life. They say that he will be neck-down paralysed for life.
This guy is far away from home and he's just starting out on his life...please, please, PLEASE pray for him.
Everyone here at Legenda is praying for him. Even the non-Chrisitians are joining us when we gather to pray.

Thanks guys, appreciate it
To God be the glory.
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